Roommate Gulia Hotel, Milan

When in Milan, you will be blown away by all design objects with art exposure.
All home decorations, furniture, art piece, and of course fashion.
Italian chic is all about easy to understand art and statement luxury.
So of course the hotel in Milan I chose has to be leading interior style.
We chose Roommate Gulia Hotel which is right in the middle of city, 5 minute walk to Duomo (which you can cheat by waking up in the morning and be there in high heel and take photo with Duomo without anybody there in your picture!)
The hotel is decorated with a modern furniture but you can feel the glimpse of fun and excitement in their color tone and pattern.
But what I love the most about the room is their bathroom! It's really cool!
Im sorry I woke up late so there're some people there already! but the good thing was I could wear high heel and bare my feet in 0 degree Celsius for the photo sake and walk back to the hotel to get changed!.


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