One Hour Rolls Royce Tour in London

Some says London is a playground for the riches. It might be true because they

have all the riches toys; private cruise, Helicopter transportation, Michelin restaurants, luxury shopping department stores, insanely expensive hotels,

and private Rolls Royce tour too.

So we just wonder how to feel to sit on a Ghost, Rolls Royce and wandering around the heritage city like London.

We book the car through for two hours and pick up at our hotel (Cafe Royal in Piccadilly Circus) to Big Ben and then to Harrods. 

The cost of one hour ride with chauffeur is around 450 pounds

The Chauffeur arrives at 10 am, we choose morning time because we have a little jet lag from the time zone difference lol. And we thought it might be less crowded at Big Ben.

We arrived Big Ben and walking across the river to the (we thought) secret place to take picture with Big Ben.

If you see the lion at the edge of the Westminster Bridge, that means you almost there. Then you walk down the bridge and you see Pret A Manger on your right hand side.

You go downs the stairs and walk under the Westminster bridge to another side. 

You make yourself opposite to the Big Ben and take the picture like this. We highly recommend because the picture is so fantastic without crowd at the background.

We also recommend you to go there in the afternoon because of better sunlight for perfect picture.

As it's too crowded on the bridge, we walk back to our car (The chauffeur parked it around Westminster Church because there is no parking space nearby)

So we took some pictures along the way back too.

Then the chauffeur and I have a small talks about fashion, lifestyle, and culture before we arrive Harrods.


And if you need any help booking the Rolls-Royce or need any recommendation for a luxury tour in London. 

Please feel free to email to ask! We have a lot more to recommend.




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    But I would recommend you to try Ben Cookies when You’re in London too!!!

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