Hotel The Designer Seoul

When it comes to Seoul, everything happens to change very fast.
It is not very surprising anyway in this 12 hour working hour country.
But when it comes to fashion, Seoul is one of the undeniable fashion leader of Asia.
During this trip, I stay in Hotel the Designer where the neighborhood surrounded by
plastic surgery hospitals.
But for this time, I won't mention a lot about the hotel but the place I will suggest you
for shopping around Seoul.

1. Boon the Shop

Designed by Peter Marino, the building itself can be a work of art you can appreciate.
Inside you find selected brands from Moynat to Gucci, from Jacquemus to Off White. 
I can tell you here that the selection is suitable for Asian taste which you can hardly find
anywhere else. Because the fit is good and it also left with some items you can't find
anymore in Europe as it's all sold out. 

2. Dior Cafe Seoul

Dior Shop in Cheongdam Dong is very much a talk of the town when they opened. 
Although now it's flooded with Chinese Tourists, if you haven't seen it, you should once go there and appreciate a cup of coffee on their rooftop.


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