Hotel Six Sense Yaonoi

Talking about Thailand, you probably think about the sea and beach and sunshine.
I can tell you.. you're on the right track already.
However, hotels in Phuket, I recommend this eco-friendly hotel "Six Sense Yaonoi"
There are two ways to reach the hotel
1. Speed boat
2. Helicopter
The hotel is very eco-freindly. You can find a lot of activities you can't do it in the city
like egg collecting or mushroom farming.
which all are very interesting and fun.
The hotel food is very organic and you can find all elements
of the hotel that are eco-friendly.
The hotel has no plastic bottles because they use the glass instead of
all plastic food.

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  • zheludnlqv

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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