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One Hour Rolls Royce Tour in London

Some says London is a playground for the riches. It might be true because they have all the riches toys; private cruise, Helicopter transportation, Michelin restaurants, luxury shopping department stores, insanely expensive hotels, and private Rolls Royce tour too. So we just wonder how to feel to sit on a Ghost, Rolls Royce and wandering around the heritage city like London. We book the car through for two hours and pick up at our hotel (Cafe Royal in Piccadilly Circus) to Big Ben and then to Harrods.  The cost of one hour ride with chauffeur is around 450 pounds The Chauffeur arrives at 10 am, we choose morning time because we have a little jet lag from the time zone difference lol. And...

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CHATO in Versatile Castle Project

We all know princess gets what he wants and  we want to have you as our princess. The project want to puzzle the princess in reality and in our mind set. Princess in reality Princess in California Dream Styling: Wachana Charoensomsamai Photography: Alisa Jarupilun

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